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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guatemala Diary 3

First fill the bag with sand or stones, hoist it over your shoulder and start down the pathway.  Past the giggling girls in their school uniforms, and past the boys playing marbles; and past the woman making tortillas, past the dogs, and then briefly pause before taking the steep stairs, then a sharp right.  It's there you can see all the structures built into the hillside.  Homes for many families- primitive spaces; dirt floors and chickens pecking and roaming. Free range dirt chickens.

We move the bags methodically, intentionally; there is a system of carry and pass which gives us a moment to greet the next person on the line, so we wonder how those further down; nearer to the house are doing. Those at the end of the line have the hardest work; it's there that the stairs burn your muscles.

What a day!

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